Sports Physicians

Sports Physicians are registered medical specialists in sports and exercise medicine.

All sports physicians at NSEMC are fellows of the Australasian College of Sports Physicians and have expertise and experience in dealing with sports injury diagnosis and comprehensive management, including the use of medical and surgical interventions with a focus on rehabilitation aiming to return athletes to their sport or previous level of activity.

Some of our patients are elite Junior, Open and Masters athletes, but most of our patients are ordinary people trying to keep fit and actively involved in sport or other physical activities, such as bush walking, surfing, sailing, skiing, fitness, and gardening.

Sports and Exercise Physicians are also trained in using exercise prescription in various disease situations such as osteoarthritis of the knee, hip, shoulder and other joints, obesity, high blood pressure, activity related asthma or bronchospasm, and various disabilities. They are trained in biomechanical analysis of sport and other physical activity and use methods such as video analysis to detect problems which can be corrected to treat and prevent overuse injury.


Our Sports Physicians

Dr. A. Stuart Watson

Dr. Tony Delaney

Dr. Karen Soo