Mr Michael Gumatay

Member of the Australian Podiatry Association

Member of the Sports and Exercise Podiatry Australia formerly Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine

Previous Personal Trainer

Michael completed his training through the Newcastle University Podiatric Medicine Program.

Michael holds special interests in sports podiatry, paediatric podiatry and musculoskeletal foot and lower leg rehabilitation through strength and conditioning exercise programs.

Michael perused podiatry after suffering chronic foot, knee and lower back pain for most of his growing years having hypermobility and flat feet. Now proud of his flat feet, he is acutely aware of the debilitating nature of foot and leg pain.

Michael is passionate and enjoys the satisfaction of helping patients with the aid of prescribed custom foot orthotics combined with personalised exercise rehabilitation treatment programs as this aided his own personal recovery.

Michael enjoys playing basketball and loves to talk all sports specifically soccer and rugby league. As a new father, he jokingly plans to mentor his son to become an elite athlete.

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