Tina_FalcoTina Falco

DBM, Dip RM, Dip Reflex
Massage Therapist

Tina graduated from Nature Care College (Sydney) with a Diploma of Herbal Medicine, Diploma Remedial Massage and a Diploma of Reflexology. With 14years in practice, her extensive clinical experience has been in varied environments in the complementary health industry including: implementation and providing for the State Library of N.S.W. ; Director and Joint Clinic owner; Massage and Consultation for Fitness centre; Herbalist and Massage Therapist in a Chiropractic practice. Tina has treated a broad spectrum of people including corporate businesses, athletes, and families.


Herbal Medicine

The herbal medicines are made exclusively from plants and are safe and effective. These plant herbs have the ability to assist in the prevention and treatment of one’s individual health concerns.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy helps in relieving painful or tight muscles, injuries, prevention of new injuries, stress, secondary pain such as headaches, lower back during pregnancy. Massage is tailored to suit the needs of the individual.


Around the world and throughout history reflexology has been rediscovered and reinstated as a health practice time and time again by peoples around the globe seeking to deal with health concerns.

Reflexology is based on stimulating acupressure points on the feet and hands which corresponds with all the body parts. A reflexology treatment works on the entire body via the feet. Some of the benefits of reflexology include: Relaxation, improves circulation, induces sleep, stress and nervous tension, digestive problems.

Tina is a fully accredited member of Australian Traditional Medicine
Society and operates by their professional strict Code of Ethics.