Narrabeen Sports and Exercise Medicine Centre

Sports and Exercise Medicine deals with the application of physical activity and specific prescribed exercise to the treatment of medical conditions and as a component of rehabilitation following physical injury. It focuses on the beneficial effects of appropriate exercise in disease states such as obesity, diabetes, osteoarthritis, asthma and many other medical conditions and appropriate exercise guidelines and exercise and activity modification in persons with variable ranges of physical disability, either temporary or more permanent.

PRP Notification

Due to changes in legislation, PRP Injections no longer attract a Medicare rebate. Full payment is required at the time of consultation.

HDAA Accreditation

Narrabeen Sports and Exercise Medicine Centre has been awarded accreditation by HDAA as a diagnostic imaging service, recognising the quality and safety of our service.

All Sports Physicians at NSEMC are highly skilled in the administration of cortisone injections under ultrasound guidance and have been practicing this with great success over many years. The HDAA Accreditation recognises this experience and we are proud to display the HDAA logo at our practice.