Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get there?

At this stage the Narrabeen Sports Medicine Centre is only accessible by private transport along Wakehurst Parkway.  Entry to the Centre is at the main entrance of the Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation on the section of the Wakehurst Parkway between Oxford Falls and North Narrabeen.  There is a map on the website which you should be able to access on your mobile device.  Code in “Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation on Wakehurst Parkway, Narrabeen” should get you to the main entrance.  Once you have arrived at the main entrance follow the signs to the Sports Medicine Centre, which is a single story building adjacent to, and just east of, the Aquatic Centre complex which itself is east of the running track.

2. Do I need a referral?

Please note that a GP referral is required in order to qualify for a Medicare rebate with all specialists Doctors. Referrals from Allied Health providers cannot be used in place of a referral from a GP. Referrals are not required for podiatrists.

Specialist Doctors include Dr Watson, Dr Soo, Dr Delaney, Dr Tofts and Dr Luke Inman.

3. How much are the fees?

The fees are generally in line with AMA recommendations and are decided on by the individual doctors and may be varied at their discretion. The receptionist will give you an estimate of the fees when you make your appointment.

4. Can I claim from Medicare?

All medical consultations are subject to Medicare rebates and in some instances this Medicare rebate can be claimed on your behalf by the receptionist. There are some instances where this may not be possible.

5. What is the difference between a Sports Medicine Registrar and a Sports Physician?

Sports and Exercise Physicians are medical specialists who have fulfilled the training, examination and other requirements to be registered as a medical specialist in Australia. The Sports Medicine Registrars are all fully qualified doctors who have considerable training and experience in sports and exercise medicine but who haven’t fulfilled the requirements to be registered as specialists. In most cases they have worked with high level sporting teams including club and sometimes national sides and are very well trained in managing sports injuries and sports and exercise related medical problems. If required, they can choose to obtain advice or guidance from the specialists that they are working alongside and one of the features of this multidisciplinary clinic is that all the doctors have the ability to consult with their colleagues as required should they feel that some of their colleagues may have more expertise in a particular medical problem. We feel this improves treatment outcomes to the benefit of the patients.

6. Does appropriate individualised exercise improve health outcomes and quality of life?


7. Any other questions?

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask our friendly reception staff, but remember that there are some questions that are best asked of the doctors when you see them, and often our receptionists have some time restraints, particularly in busy periods dealing with patients at the front desk. If there are other issues that you feel may be better clarified as content on our web page please make these suggestions when you have the opportunity.