Medical Indications for Foot Orthoses

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Delaney’s Laws of Foot Orthotics Dr A J Delaney RFD MB BS FACSP Sports Physician Orthotics must: Fix the problem Be comfortable Fit in the shoe Properly prescribed and made orthotics correct the underlying biomechanical causes of most overuse and … Continued

Ankle Sprains

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By Dr Karen Soo BSc(Med)Hons MBBS MSpMed FACSP, Sport and Exercise Physician An ankle sprain is a common injury to the ankle. “Sprain” implies ligament damage, but sometimes other structures can be injured. A lateral ligament sprain is the most … Continued

About Sports Shoes

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By Dr Karen Soo BSc(Med)Hons MBBS MSpMed FACSP, Sport and Exercise Physician The parts of a shoe The two main parts of the shoe are the upper, which covers the foot, and the sole, made up of the outsole, midsole and … Continued

Recommended sports shoes

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The following tables show our ratings for various brands and types of sports shoes for different sport applications. Categories include General Running, Grass/Trail Running, Walking, Cross Fitness (Barefoot) Shoes, Stable-Cross Trainers, Netball, Tennis, Inner Sports/Soccer, Golf, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Basketball, … Continued

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

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What is PRP? Autologous platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections were first used in 1987 in open heart surgery. Today, PRP injections have been safely used in many fields including sports medicine, orthopaedics, cosmetics, fasciomaxillary and urology. Blood contains plasma, red … Continued

Shoulder Pain in the Elderly

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Normal shoulder function is essential for many activities of daily living; impairment in this has huge consequences to quality of life. The prevalence of shoulder disorders in the older population is 21%, with it being more common in women (25%) … Continued

Heel Pain in Children

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Heel pain in children; “Sever’s Disease” or “Calcaneal apophysitis” Does your child suffer with heel pain? This is a common sports injury and much of the heel pain that active young children experience is due to Sever’s Disease. This is … Continued

Warm Up and Injury Prevention

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Warming up and strength and flexibility training is an important part of sports participation at all levels, including for children.  These activities can help prevent injuries and improve performance in your chosen field. A programme called P.E.P. (Prevent injury and … Continued

Exercise for Seniors

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There are many reasons why exercise is beneficial for health in seniors: Reduced cholesterol Reduced blood pressure Weight loss Decreased risk of coronary artery disease and stroke Improvement of blood sugar control Improved bone density Improved muscle strength Decreased risk … Continued

Knee Pain in Adolescents

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Osgood Schlatter Syndrome (OSS) usually presents in growing children and teenagers with gradual onset of pain, swelling and tenderness at the front of the knee. Knee painSymptoms are often worse with sporting activities that involve jumping such as basketball, volleyball … Continued