About Us

In this practice we favour an holistic and multidisciplinary approach where therapists work as a team normally coordinated by the Sports and exercise Physician to provide our patients with the current evidence based best practice, comprehensive and effective management of their injuries or medical problems related to exercise.

One of the important aspects of this holistic approach is undergraduate and postgraduate training. This practice has a very strong commitment to such training and on occasion we will have undergraduate medical, physiotherapy and sport science students sitting in with us at consultation, and we will also have post graduate appropriately trained doctors working with us under our supervision to gain further experience in Sports and Exercise Medicine.

This commitment to teaching is part of our commitment to remain up-to-date with the current best practice in all areas of sport and exercise medicine. This enhances rather than hinders patient communication assisting understanding the intricacies of diagnosis and treatment and assists in critical evaluation of management programmes. We feel that this commitment helps us be better at what we do.